Carey Ziegler’s Autumn Treat

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Earlier this month Carey Ziegler and his top notch band “Expensive Hobby” hosted a good old “hootenanny” (never knew how to spell that until today), here’s a look at the band covering this weighty Who classic.

You can also catch them in this popular video jamming to the Allman Brothers with Farmer Stan, the owner and host of the event at Spring Meadow Farm on Route 30 just below Hampstead, Md.


What You Missed Last Weekend Part 1: Expensive Hobby Wows Again at Stables Westminster

Here’s What You Missed . . .

The Carroll area’s favorite wacky bass player hit the Stables stage for only the 2nd time ever. Carey Ziegler’s Expensive Hobby (CZEH) played to another standing room only crowd and served up great classic rock and roll with a side of scrapple. Well, you had to be there to get that reference. Or, you could just watch the video. Continue reading

Cary Ziegler’s Expensive Hobby “Ebola Free” Anniversary Show

It will soon be one year since Carey Ziegler was handcuffed, blindfolded, pulled out of his home and threatened with an Ebola filled needle unless he got back onstage again. On March 28th, he and his venerable band Expensive Hobby (CZEH) will mark that frightening journey from retirement to gigging musicians with all the fervor of their first show at Club 66 in Edgewood, Md. Continue reading

Notes from a Sold Out Show: Carey Ziegler’s Expensive Hobby

Carey Ziegler's Expensive Hobby

It begins with a single wooden chair. Swirling in the air. Up and down, sideways, spinning swinging to and fro, bouncing about as the alternating grip of one giddy man’s hands make for a bizarre man-chair tango on the dance floor of Stables. (scroll down for photos and video)

This middle-aged, jovial patron despite his antics on the dance floor, was just as sane and (relatively) sober as most of the crowd last Saturday night. He, like everyone on there had just paid at least $15 to see a Baltimore music legend; Cary Ziegler and his band Expensive Hobby (CZEH)- and the show was just five minutes away. Continue reading