CCL Presents: Here’s Crack the Sky’s Biggest Hit. Live at Stanstock 2016

Here’s the final installment of CCL’s Crack the Sky Christmas Series.  Dare we say this is the most popular song by this eccentric bunch of musicians.  Happy New Year. If you missed the previous installments here they are below, and don’t forget to check out the new Live Music Guide.

Crack the Sky (ICE)

Crack the Sky (Hold On)

Crack the Sky (Skin Deep)

Crack the Sky at Stanstock 2016 (preview)

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CCL Presents: A Crack the Sky Christmas

Here is the Wikipedia summary of Crack the Sky; “an American progressive rock band formed in Weirton, West Virginia in the early 1970s. . . Rolling Stone Record Guide compared them to Steely Dan; their first three albums charted on the Billboard 200.  The band has never achieved great success outside the Baltimore area; despite this, they continue to release albums and perform to a small but devoted fan base to this day.  Here’s something for all of you scarce, but devoted fans . . .

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