Want to See the Amish Outlaws? Expect the Unexpected

Whether its starting the show out with opera, or literally pulling people out of their seats (you can watch that here), these guys live up to the ‘outlaw’ name.  Enjoy this video below of the Amish gang last Saturday on Main Street in downtown Westminster at the 3rd Annual Beer & BBQ Stroll. If you were there, you might find yourself in the photoshow on our Facebook Page.

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Next Week is Gringo Jingo Week!

Its Gringo Jingo Week! You have 3 chances to see Gringo Jingo Santana Tribute in action next week; may we suggest a doubleheader?  Watch this video from this year’s Ocean City Spring Fest featuring Gringo Jingo’s rendition of Oye Como Va.  All you music buffs out there, pay attention to the keyboards at 1:07. Sound familiar? I know, that is soooo cool! Continue reading

CCL Presents: Here’s Crack the Sky’s Biggest Hit. Live at Stanstock 2016

Here’s the final installment of CCL’s Crack the Sky Christmas Series.  Dare we say this is the most popular song by this eccentric bunch of musicians.  Happy New Year. If you missed the previous installments here they are below, and don’t forget to check out the new Live Music Guide.

Crack the Sky (ICE)

Crack the Sky (Hold On)

Crack the Sky (Skin Deep)

Crack the Sky at Stanstock 2016 (preview)

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