Pass This Along: A Big and Worthy Benefit is Brewing

This benefit is looking to be a rock n roll reunion of sorts for the local live music scene.  Let's start with the details. . .

This Sunday July 8th from noon to 8pmish, you can head down to MacAvoys in Parkville, Md to support Danny Grim, bassist for local heavyweight classic rock band Hectic Red.  If you just flew in from Katmandu, and have never seen Hectic Red, no worries, you can watch them playing here and here.

Benefit organizers are calling this “Dan Jam” (see the poster below) and it will raise money for Dan’s medical bills as he battles cancer.  He has been entertaining many of us fantastically for over 30 years, so a few dollars and a trip to Parkville is definitely worth it.  Lots of local businesses and bands are supporting this event.  According to organizers, the money goes directly to Dan.  If you do not know him personally, below is a nice video from the CCL vault of him playing and singing Spirit of the Radio.

The benefit will be hosting a slew of bands with guest members that you not have seen a long while. If you just can’t make it Sunday, here is the link to Dan’s gofundme page.  Here is the Facebook Event.

Here are some details from Dan’s bandmate Ben Sherman:

The schedule for The Dan Jam benefit, this Sunday July 8 at McAvoy’s Sports Bar & Grill is looking mighty awesome. An incredible line-up of bands!
Some important notes:
Doors at 11 am. Benefit starts at noon.
FAMILY FRIENDLY SHOW! Children under 12 admitted free!

Spectrum will kick things off.
Rob Fahey will be with his FULL BAND!
Members of Great Train Robbery will perform.
Hectic Red and friends will include Ben Rich and Suchy joined by the super talents of Glenn Workman and Dave DeMarco, and who knows what other special guests may drop in!
Awaken will have a special guest singer that Surreal fans may recognize.
And Never Never will feature a special guest guitarist with glasses that Hectic Red fans may recognize…
RAT PACK IS ON AFTERWARDS! Immediately following the benefit, The Rat Pack featuring Rick Olaguer will be doing their regular Sunday night McAvoy’s show, starting around 8 p.m. so stick around!
You really need to be there for this.

Don’t forget to press the HD button!

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