A Big Thank You to All Who Supported Half Serious Drummer Chris Myers

Happy New Year folks. Lets close some business from last year. You might remember the mutli-band benefit concert put on in Taneytown this past November for long-time Half Serious drummer and vocalist Chris Myers.  If you missed all that, you can click here to catch up.  For the rest of you, we would like to give you a big thanks. So many of you came through and showed your support for Chris and Half Serious.  It was a spectacular thing to see.  If you wanted to come but could not make it – we thank you for the effort. Chris and his family are moved beyond words.  The benefit raised several thousand dollars for Chris, and we can’t wait to see him banging on those drums in 2018.

In the meantime, we captured the very end of this lovely get together where Chris closed it out with the last song of the night from Gring Jingo – Santana Tribute.  Enjoy this, and on behalf of Half Serious; thanks again for your support.

Hey. Before you tear up.  It is not too late donate! Check in on the GoFundMe page for Chris.

Don’t forget to press the HD button!


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