First Look at The Reagan Years Without Longtime Frontman Stephan Lay

One week ago, The Reagan Years Announced the band would part ways with its iconic frontman, Stephan Scott Lay.  Here is your first look at the band performing with a fill-in vocalist from prior years.

Former Reagan Years Frontman Stephan Scott Lay

According to the band’s facebook page,  October 21, was Stephan’s last performance.  No public explanation was giving for this parting of ways except a note from Lay on Facebook indicating that he was asked to leave.  While we cannot speculate on the details behind this, we all know that creative differences, or even just the passage of time can mean change for any band.  Surely, Stephan’s gravity-defying energy and presence on stage will be missed by many.  Don Wicklin, who was with the band in 2013 through 2014 has agreed to step in until a more permanent replacement is found for Lay.  Here is your first look at the new (albeit temporary) frontman for the band.

Don’t forget to press the HD button!

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