Next Week is Gringo Jingo Week!

Its Gringo Jingo Week! You have 3 chances to see Gringo Jingo Santana Tribute in action next week; may we suggest a doubleheader?  Watch this video from this year’s Ocean City Spring Fest featuring Gringo Jingo’s rendition of Oye Como Va.  All you music buffs out there, pay attention to the keyboards at 1:07. Sound familiar? I know, that is soooo cool!

Gringo Jingo Santana Tribute takes the stage in Westminster City Park (11 Longwell Avenue) this Sunday July 16th at 6:45pm.   On Thursday July 20th, come on down to Maryland Live Casino’s Rams Head Center Stage for tribute night, featuring . . . yeah, you guessed it; Gringo Jingo!   On Saturday the 22nd, you can catch them down the road a ways in Gaithersburg at the Rio Center right by the lake. Click here for more Gringo Jingo or visit


Don’t forget to press the HD button!


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