Best Bet this Weekend: Carey Ziegler’s Expensive Hobby Returns to Stables Westminster

Spring is in the air (sort of) and if you have not heard, Carey Ziegler is back in Westminster this weekend with his band Expensive Hobby.  If you haven’t seen these guys in person, buy a ticket online quickly.  Standing room only is all that is left.

The show is this Saturday night (March 25th) at Stables.  If you have seen them in the past, the band will look a little different this time, as his long-time guitarist and vocalist has relocated and parted ways with the Hobby boys.  Below is a selection from a 2015 show at Stables featuring this Alan Parson’s Project cover, straight from CarrollCountyLive’s Video Vault.  If you can’t get enough of the band’s high quality sound, check out our video from the “Ebola Free” anniversary show and get a feel for what a show is like in “Notes from a Sold Out Show.”

Have a Fun and Safe Weekend.

Live music calendar

Live music calendar

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