What You Missed: A Rip Roaring Send Off, Courtesy of Problem Child

Last week we told you to come out and say goodbye to Problem Child’s Steve Reed, and oh boy, you really gave him one hell of a send off.

Everyone turned out for Steve’s last show in Carroll County with Problem Child and lots of musical guests got up on stage to take this farewell party up another notch.  Among the cameo performances were Paul McGill and Don Ebaugh of Half Serious, guitar legend John Christ, and former Problem Child guitarist Joe Manger, who will be debuting his own new project BAD HABITZ, on this Thanksgiving Eve at Bourbon Bar & Grill in Hanover, Pa.  They will be opening for Big Jack.  Be there by 8pm.

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Problem Child says they will trudge on after Steve’s departure, so look forward to a new lineup in the near future.  As for Steve, you will still get to see him quite often in his all of other projects.  Catch Santana Tribute Gringo Jingo next Spring if you haven’t been out to see them yet.  Or if you can’t wait that long Sideways the Band will be at Stables on the Friday after turkey day on the 25th.  Half Serious will be at the Bourbon on Nov. 16th and The Broken Spoke on Dec. 16th. 

Don’t forget to press the HD button!


2 thoughts on “What You Missed: A Rip Roaring Send Off, Courtesy of Problem Child

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