Miss CarrollCountyLive? Wer’e Back. This Happened While We Were Out.

Wondering why CCL has been on hiatus the past few weeks? We have a good excuse…

Your editor got hitched.  Many of you fans already know, some of you were there.  Thanks for the all of the well wishes.  In case you didn’t know, yours truly married local musician and guitarist extraordinaire Steve Reed, in Gettysburg on Sunday October 16th.  We had hoped to invite all of you, but our plan to win the megamillions jackpot fell through.  Instead we settled for an intimate affair at the Mural Room on the famous Lincoln square. But of course there is video….

Our apologies for the brief intermission in video content, we know you have been checking in on the website – but don’t worry we are back!  In the meantime enjoy this Bossa Nova tune played by the Bossa Brothers featuring guest vocalist Abby Otradovec of Problem Child, Gringo Jingo and Sideways.  Thanks Abby, that was awesome. If you are really ambitous, try counting the local musicians in the video shot at the end.







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