Everything You Need to Know About Toops Troops 2016

Two weeks until Toops Troops!! Here’s a look at the live music lineup.toops2016flyer


Half Serious and Big Jack will be back for Toops 2016.  You can watch Big Jack performing Girls Got Rhythm at Toops last year here.

Below is another previously unreleased video from the CCL vault of Half Serious last year at Toops; watch them cover “Red Shoes” from onstage.

If you’re new to Toops, you can bone up on how Toops came to be an annual tradition in Carroll County and beyond.

Rich Fehle will also return to Toops.  So what’s new? The River Bend Band (Country, Classic Rock), Ever Rise (Dance Rock), and Alter Ego (Rock). Watch videos of all of them below.





Half Serious at TOOPS 2015

Don’t forget to press the HD button!

The River Bend Band

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Ever Rise

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Alter Ego

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Rich Fehle

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