What You Missed Last Weekend: Never Say Never Unless Its Never Never

If you were going to give up live music and you had to pick one last band to see, better make it Never Never. Why? because

they will make you forget about that stupid resolution to give up live music in the first place. I mean really. Why would ANYONE want to give up live music? Never.

Last Friday in Frederick Never Never returned after many years to the Champions stage. It was a rainy, wet, ugly night for nightlife, but the Champions dance floor was packed with the soggy imprints of drenched music lovers from all over. They came out for that big, epic Never Never sound.

Spike, the lead vocalist is freakishly good, he mesmerizes without trying, but then again, so does the rest of the band. Kajun Kelly joined them on this night and he plays the guitar like its piping hot in his hands, and he makes it sound that way too. The bassist, Erik Krakau defies any explanation; you will have to watch the video to understand his bad assness, (is that a word? it should be, for Erik’s sake) He blows your mind at around 5:20.

They cover rock classics but all the Zep heads around here know that Zeppelin is their specialty, and they serve it up all night and yes it is quite tasty. In fact, the CCL video below samples some of their Zeppelin, but we are sitting on the full versions of them and yes we have an incredible version of Kasmir, so let’s see how many of you will show CCL some love and like our Facebook page in the next week if you want to see the full length versions. If you’ve already liked us, just post on our page that you want that Zeppelin. Spike and the guys are on Facebook, join the group for show dates and more awesomeness.

Don’t forget to press the HD button!

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2 thoughts on “What You Missed Last Weekend: Never Say Never Unless Its Never Never

  1. I have been watching Never Never for years, yes, years and they are the best band that I have ever heard do my favorite band in the world “Led Zeppelin”. Spike the lead singer has a gift from God, which is his golden voice. The rest of the players just blow that band away with their talents. Kudos to a great band, “NEVER NEVER”.

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