Video: Carey Ziegler Plays Stables Saturday. Bring Scrapple

Ebola, excessive amounts of scrapple and chair dancing can’t keep Carey Ziegler away from the Stables Westminster stage. He and the men mad enough to accompany on him on stage will be back for the third time on Saturday October 17th. As of this writing the show has standing room only tickets available, good luck with scoring a ticket. They are $20 at the door.

Carey Ziegler’s Expensive Hobby or CZEH as they are affectionately known by their rabid fans, boasts an impeccable sound. They should be on your bucket list if you were born before 1970, or if you just really like classic rock anthems. Not the party rock anthems, we mean the real good stuff, the ones with all those instruments, you know. Here’s a full length classic from the CCL video vault. You can thank us later. Oh yeah, and if you go Saturday, please bring Carey scrapple. . . He loves scrapple.

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