More Guitar Wizardry from Hectic Red

This video is crack for music for music geeks. For the rest, you’ll listen and remember when you heard this rare instrumental rock hit on the radio. You probably will not be able to recall who played it or the name of the song, but if you’re nice, we’ll tell you.

We promised to give you a little more of Hectic Red’s awesome show at Stables on the Aug. 8th.  Lead guitarist Ben Sherman knows this anthem very well. Have a look at him playing “Cliffs of Dover” by Eric Johnson. This song made #17 on Guitarworlds list of greatest guitar solos. Johnson says he wrote this piece in five minutes, can you believe that? Here’s a little tidbit for the guitar geeks – everybody else skip to the video –  Eric Johnson says “I actually ended up using two different-sounding guitars. Almost all of the song is a Gibson 335 through a Marshall, with an Echoplex and a tube driver. But in the middle of the solo there’s 20 or 30 seconds played on a Strat.”

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