Its Time for Toops Troops 2015

Its Carroll County’s best kept secret. It’s the hottest ticket in town, if you can get one, its soldout every year with NO advertising. So what is it?

Toops Troops of course. This weekend is what some call Carroll County’s high school reunion. Its also the premiere live music event of the summer. If you have never been, its too late for you this year, but please do yourself a favor and find out why this event is so important and look at the pics from last year.

NoGlass2Toops organizers say this year may be the last year at its current location. The pressure is on for more capacity as the 1400 tickets sold this year does meet the actual demand. They also say that the growing popularity of Toops has caught the attention of both the county liquor board and health dept; both of whom popped in for a visit last year. They are happy to report however, that neither agency found anything out of sorts. Way to go Toops. Last year was soggy fun, here’s to hoping this Saturday is clear and dry. Have a look at this year’s lineup:




Where’s TOOPS???

Stambaughs Farm: 166 South Springdale Road Westminster Md, 21158


Get on the Calendar


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