Never Been to a Rafael’s Sunday Deck Party? Seriously??

If you live in these parts and managed to not have attended a Rafael’s Sunday deck party – you’ve accomplished an incredible feat. But its nothing to be proud of. hfs@rafaelsdeck-aug2014christ

Rafaels wrote the book on deck parties and this year marks a full decade of this popular Westminster summer live music series. This Sunday, Half Serious returns to the deck and if you were there last year you’ll know what that means; pure, unadulterated fun.

Last year’s deck party with the Half Serious boys was well, legendary. John Christ of Danzig famed dropped by and jammed with the band. The rest is history. Its always the good people that come out that make these parties so magical though, and the picture above can attest to that.

Its always a good time and the part of the proceeds go to local charity. Yeah, “charity”. . . so don’t be a antisocial scrooge. The Boys and Girls Club of Westminster and other local charities are depending on you to get down to the deck and party.

Don’t procrastinate since there is only one deck party Sunday each month. We’ve listed the remaining dates below:

July 19th – Half Serious

August 16th – Pasadena

Sept. 6th – Bad With Names




  Get On the Calendar


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