What You Missed Last Weekend: Everyone Jamming for Joe

Here's What You Missed . . . What you missed last weekend was the best damn going away party anyone could have. Just a few days ago, local soundman and bassist for Problem Child , Joe Henry passed away and musicians and friends from everywhere converged to the Hanover Eagles Club to celebrate his life the way Joe wanted. Not many missed this because nearly 500 people showed up. A lot of them with guitars.

JAMMIN4JOE062715 (811)

We could say there was a full band lineup playing from the early afternoon till way past midnite – but it was more like a 10 hour jam session with singers and players mixing and matching all night. It was spontaneous, raw and bittersweet. These guys played their hearts out and left it all on the stage. They asked no quarter.

If you missed it, don’t fret. We have the memories here in pictures and video.  “Jammin for Joe” was such a marathon, there is too much video to make the standard “What You Missed” highlight reel, so we will start with this trailer below to give you a little taste. We will post full length videos all this week, so check here or the front page of CarrollCountyLive.com.

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Live music calendar

Live music calendar


These pictures are high quality, don’t forget to press the HD button!

Do you have some awesome pics from a show? Share them with us and they could be featured in the “What You Missed” series. You get photo credit and we get them to share them with our readers! Contact Shelley at Shelley@carrollcountylive.com


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