Voting Season Opens With New Categories for the Maryland Music Awards

Its that time of year again. Get ready to vote for your favorite act for the Maryland Music awards, its free and no animals will be harmed.

MMA120214 (751)Nominations opened just a few days ago and voting will be open throughout this summer. This year, everyone can only vote once in each category.

What’s New This Year

What’s new for this year is four brand new categories; Blues, EDM (electronic dance music), Reggae and Heavy metal. Last year the lead organizer and show producer, John Van Horn told CarrollCountyLive that “Rap” and “Death Metal’s” dark messages did not pair well with organization’s core charitable mission; to help children with cancer. Heavy Metal made the cut this year, but there is no word yet on how fine the distinction will be between “Death” and “Heavy.”

A panel of over 50 local and national music professionals determine the top five in each category, and after reviewing video submissions the winners are selected. Last year, the MMA received over 13,000 nominations but organizers expect much more this year as the event works to overcome the “gargantuan” marketing effort that a statewide campaign requires.

The nominations and top nominees culminate in a December live awards show  Last year the show filmed at Rams Head Live in Baltimore with local radio personality Mickey Cucchiella at the MC helm. Dozens of acts performed live, some were nominees including Rob Fahey of “Raised on the Radio” fame. You can Watch the Show here.

Nominate your favorite bands/acts here.




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