5 Things You Probably Did Not Know about 98 Rock’s Sarah Fleischer

She’s Baltimore’s queen of the radio and she’s retiring this week. Here’s some Sarah trivia.

She May Kick Your Ass

It looks like the lovable DJ can kick some butt. Here is a testimonial from Sarah proudly displayed on Maryland State Martial Arts of Pasadena’s website.

She’s in the Rock Hall of Fame??

Google Sarah’s name and you will come up with dozens of references to the fact that Sarah was indeed inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2002. As a DJ, she would have been eligible for several non-performer categories, but an exhaustive search of the RHOF’s database yields nothing. CCL contacted WBAL for comment, but received no so far. Our suggestion is to just assume that she is in the Rock Hall of Fame. She should be right?

She Was a Hardworking Voiceover Professional

As a voice professional, you might imagine that Sarah has marketed herself for voice over gigs and you would be correct. Consider this online listing for the Monster.com equivalent for voice professionals: Voice123.com:

“Generally [my voice] is warm, deep & friendly. I can change my voice to sound perkier, sexy or more fun. I can also achieve a very smooth delivery when appropriate.”

Kind of spooky knowing that Sarah can shrewdly adapt her voice to appeal different audience preferences. We wonder if her “Baltimore” voice was different from her national voice. Ah well, it doesn’t matter, she’s the best.

Her Biggest Freudian Slip on Air was a Doozy

This Baltimore Magazine interview tells the story of Sarah’s admittedly worst screw up on air. It was a Hair Cuttery commercial promoting a haircut and blow dry combo. Well, she did not say “blow dry.” What she did say sent her program director – who was listening in a car at the time – off the road.

Her Last Day On Air

FLEISCHER’s last day on the air on her 10a-3p show will be, FRIDAY, JUNE 5th.


Check Out the Calendar


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