This Sunday, Don’t Panic. Proceed Calmly to the Stables Beer Garden

Memorial Day is over. You can still taste the charcoal from that burger on Monday every time you burp. It’s almost June you think to yourself. You feel the twinge of Labor Day approaching. The horror of winter will be upon us. But wait, don’t panic… there’ s a whole summer to get through first. Here are 5 things you need to know about this Sunday’s grand opening of the Beer Garden at Stables Westminster. Party Starts at 2pm!

What’s This Beer Garden All About?

Its about an outdoor rock and roll party every Sunday afternoon this summer with the best live music you can find anywhere.

Is It Open on Fridays and Saturdays

Hell yeah. Fridays and Saturday evenings there will be a DJ out there.

I’m Fragile. What If It Rains?

Tents are a mainstay of the Beer Garden. You will party rain or shine.

Food and Drink??

Of course. Look forward to Stables’ own custom drinks like “Big Blue Tiki Punch” and “Jack Honey Lemonade.” There will be menu specials too, including crabby fries.

Who’s Playing on Sundays??

Glad you asked. Big Jack will christen the Beer Garden this Sunday, May 31st. Daydreams and Don’t Tell will open for the boys.  Here are the scheduled bands for the rest of the month:

SlimJimmy@coon031415 (25)





sideways@greeneturtle042415 (621)









Get On the Calendar


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