WATCH: Classical Remake of The Who’s “Love Reign O’er Me”

The makers of the original rock opera have now done it again by giving us The Who’sLove Reign O’er Me” sung by an award winning English Tenor (Alfie Boe) backed by the Royal Philharmonic and the London Oriana Choir. We don’t know what that all that means, but as this video will attest, it sounds amazing. This tenor guy’s voice is uncrackable; perfect as the Hope diamond. Its chilling.

The video includes scenes from the original film adaptation of Quadrophenia and a cameo from one of the original stars of the 1979 movie at the end. This classical version of the song precedes Pete Townsend’s June release of Classic Quadrophenia. Townsend and the tenor will do this live on July 5 at Royal Albert Hall.

While this video is quite a beautiful rendition of The Who classic, we still think Eddie Vedder edged the tenor out with his performance of the song with Pearl Jam at the 2010 VH1 Music Awards. Compare for yourself below. Alfie’s voice never cracks. Eddie’s voice cracks in just the right way to make those knees weak. They both sing with passion, but one is downright spiritual. Eddie takes us to church on this one. You be the judge, tell us what you think.


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