Did You Miss M3? Dry Those Tears and Watch These 10 Videos

Not everyone who wanted to got to enjoy this two day music festival at Merriweather, but thanks to Youtube and the steady hands of many happy, drunken rockers, we’ve compiled this video roll of just uploaded videos of all your favs. . Your welcome. Anytime.

P.S. Word on the street is all the acts were great, save Dokken. Who is your #1? tell us in the comments.

Quiet Riot  – “Come On Feel the Noize”

Europe –  “Final Countdown”  

Europe – “Rock the Night”

Dio  –  “Holy Diver” 

Dokken – “Breaking the Chains”

Kix – “Cold Blood”

Warrant –  “Uncle Toms Cabin”

Queensryche  – “Nightrider”

Korupt  – “No Life Denied”

Vixen – “Edge of A Broken Heart”

6 thoughts on “Did You Miss M3? Dry Those Tears and Watch These 10 Videos

  1. I don’t think the person who wrote this article watched these videos almost half of them are cut off or on bad quality. There’s better ones on youtube. Pure laziness.

  2. This has to be one of the most idiotic posts that I have ever witnessed. Horrendous quality clips, that are not even full songs. Not that one would want to view the whole song, but still. Take down this article immediately, and repent of your sins!!!

    • Michael, sorry you did not like the clips and thanks for taking the time to comment. We love comments. As you may already know, YouTube videos are mostly from handheld or cellphone cameras. CCL did not have permissions to shoot professional video at M3. We simply posted these clips that were uploaded from concertgoers as a courtesy to our readers. We would love it if you or anyone else who comes across even better ones to put the links in our comments, since they are being uploaded all the time.

      • The point was that the writer didn’t take time to look over the videos. They probably just grabbed the first few that popped up, recordings of these bands have been up since the second the fest ended…. No excuse.

        Also we know you didn’t record the videos that’s obvious.

      • Thanks for replying, but @GlamMetal has summarized the main points behind my remark. Sorry for the bluntness, but it was given in a spirit of levity. Not to belabor the point the few commenters are making, but if you are going to post something that is supposed to be representative of the M3 festival, and you really want your viewers to experience what they were not able to in-person, then it would be reasonable to expect that you would put forth more effort than is visible. Shalom! 🙂

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