Get Ready for More Live Music this Summer at Stables Westminster’s “Beer Garden”

Imagine summer is here. It’s a lazy afternoon and you’re relaxing outside in the sun, sipping the most awesome drink and listening to your favorite band. You will be doing that soon, courtesy of Stables Restaurant. 

Its only been a few years since Stables Restaurant has transformed itself into a staple venue for live music in the Carroll area, hosting this area’s favorite acts like Marshall Law and Expensive Hobby. Now they’re fixing to take the party outside.

Starting May 31st they open the Stables Beer Garden. Its billed as an outside oasis for live music on Sunday afternoons and DJ’s on Friday and Saturday nights. Sources tell CCL that it will have that tiki bar feel and will feature specialty drink concoctions – think “Rum Buckets” that you can’t get anywhere else in Westminster. Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to the grand opening, in the meantime here are the opening band/s for May 31st.   Drumroll please…..

Big Jack




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