A Fresh Approach to the Classic Rock SongList

You know that thrill you get when a live band plays some song out of the blue that you haven’t heard in forever? And you always leave thanking them for reminding you of a good place you had totally forgotten. Now you can go home, download that song and have a little slice of heaven everyday. Everybody has a song like that, but so many live cover bands feel so pressured to play the standards, its hard to get those other cool hits on the set list. But really, how many times do you need to hear Tush right?

The new band in town, Sideways, hopes to deliver lots of those thrills when they debut this Friday at the Greene Turtle – if you want to call it a debut. What we mean is you know these guys already if you come out at all to see live music in Carroll, Frederick or Southern Pa. They have been playing and gigging around for many years in multiple bands all over this region, so they are hardly strangers to the live music scene.

They may be music veterans, but what is new is their approach to the set list. Sideways seeks to fill some holes in the typical rock cover band song list. Of course this doesn’t mean all the great, popular classic rock tunes are off the table – what it does mean is that you’re likely to hear some really good songs you totally forgot you loved.

The result is a sublime mix of classic rock you may not get to hear too much anywhere else. You be the judge; come see what you think this Friday at the Westminster Greene Turtle. Oh yeah, you want to know “who” is in the band? Of course you do. Check their website out for that.



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