What You Missed Last Weekend: Its Everybody’s Birthday when Marshall Law Comes to Town

Here’s What You Missed . . .

Kory G. of Marshall Law Photo: Websprinkle.com

Kory G. of Marshall Law
Photo: Websprinkle.com

Its your birthday when your’e at a Marshall Law show. Its really more of a gigantic party than it is a show and Marshall Law makes you feel like its in your honor. Someone even put a shot glass necklace around my neck while Kory Garrison -the lead singer for this high energy, country rock act- directed traffic on a dance floor coated with the sweat of so many who had been twisting gyrating, yelling and grooving all night.

Kory looks like the random guy in the audience who gets up and does a song or two with the band because he knows the drummer or someone. He looks so freaking happy to be up there, its hard to imagine they pay him to do it. He is backed up by a killer unit, include an amazing lead guitar.

Marshall Law’s country has got that twang like you would expect, but it also has an in your face, dare I say… “metal” vibe to it. This makes perfect sense after a quick look at Kory’s bio, which includes fronting a Pantera Tribute. The country twang and the metal attitude is an awesome mix.

One of the best parts of a Marshall Law show is the afterglow: driving home, I stopped at a Sheetz and the cashier girl said “Happy Birthday!” Why do you think its my birthday? I asked. She pointed to my necklace shot glass, which read “Happy Birthday Princess.” No I said laughing, but I did go to a Marshall Law show tonite. She nodded in agreement, “same difference.”

Marshall Law doesn’t come around often – we hear they are in hot demand in the Mid-Atlantic region, so if you missed them this time you’ll have to watch these pics and vids on repeat until they come back our way. For those of you what did see them last Saturday night… Happy Birthday!

These pictures /videos are HD high quality, don’t forget to press the HD button!

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