Cary Ziegler’s Expensive Hobby “Ebola Free” Anniversary Show

It will soon be one year since Carey Ziegler was handcuffed, blindfolded, pulled out of his home and threatened with an Ebola filled needle unless he got back onstage again. On March 28th, he and his venerable band Expensive Hobby (CZEH) will mark that frightening journey from retirement to gigging musicians with all the fervor of their first show at Club 66 in Edgewood, Md.

Okay, for all of you gullible people out there, Carey was not accosted in any way – as far as we know- to start up a band again, but if the zeal of CZEH fans are any indicator, it was bound to happen at some point.

Yes, it’s the dedicated fans that got Carey off of his butt to do all the backbreaking work it takes to put a great band together only to go out and lose money. The part about “losing money” has become a tagline of sorts that CZEH uses to promote its shows; “Come out and watch us lose money as we play” is a regular plea from the band.

Don’t let those pleas fool you though, CZEH doesn’t have to work very hard to coax people into coming to their shows; the Club 66 anniversary show has already soldout as well as all the other shows they’ve headlined there. Last year CCL covered their soldout show on the “other” side of town at Stables Restaurant in Westminster.

We came face to face with those loyal CZEH fans who are sometimes just as colorful as Carey is. If you’ve never seen CZEH, and you can come by an aftermarket ticket – caution; you may have to pry it out of the cold dead hands of a CZEH fan – prepare for a good helping of Baltimore colloquialisms, a few Ebola jokes, and a copious amount of classic rock jams that no other live band dare play for “youse.”

4 thoughts on “Cary Ziegler’s Expensive Hobby “Ebola Free” Anniversary Show

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