The Sad Economics of Live Music: A Tale from Southern Pa

” . . . And it was all brought home to me that 90% of ticket sales at concerts and festivals go to cover costs.”

That is a quote from a local music promoter in the southern PA area who recently wrote this candid account of a typical “tour” and festival for one of his live music acts.

His chronicle of a typical tour captures the grind of promoting the event and selling tickets. While most concertgoers believe that bands and promoters are making money hand over fist (and yes some do) for most, its money loser. A good festival breaks even.

Have a read for a great breakdown of the costs and revenue aspects of one particular event in Lancaster and check out an even more revealing accounting of one Indie band’s finances. If anyone reading this was thinking that putting a great band together would be the perfect “get rich quick” scheme, you’ve got another thing coming.

Been there, done that? Tell us your story in the comments.

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