Your Saint Patrick’s Day Live Local Music Guide

If you survived the pre-Saint Patty’s weekend celebrations and are properly hydrated once more, read this. Over 35 million pints of Guinness will be consumed this Tuesday. Mostly by people wearing green and slurring their words all while celebrating the life a “British” man named Maewyn Succat, or “St. Patrick” as the Guinness drinkers know him. This year America’s favorite drinking holiday is on a Tuesday. If you are still looking for just the right place to guzzle down a few, and enjoy some live music while you’re at it, we have the best options in your area.

Also, if you ever wondered what St. Patty’s day was like in the motherland, check out the video below from the 2011 St. Patrick’s celebration at Ferryman Pub in Dublin. Try counting the number of empty glasses of Guinness on the table, and don’t miss the guy on the right about 2 mins in. Have fun and be safe. Cheers!!!

Greg Gottleib 11:00-3:00 then Colgan & Hirsh 6:00-10:00 @Maggies Westminster

Tommy’s Fault @O’Lourdan’s Westminster

The New Romance @ the Titled Kilt (White Marsh)

Rod Sebastian @Hightopps (Timonium)

Craig Rosendale @Kelsey’s Pub 12-4 (Ellicott City)

Multiple Bands @Bushwallers All-Day (Frederick, Md)


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