Live Music and Wine on the Mason Dixon Wine Trail this March

Ok people its time to dig out of this snowy mess and do “Spring” things. What if you could mix spring with wine and live music? You can, and we can help with that.

Mambo Combo

The Mason Dixon Wine Trail is thawing out as we speak and this year will be the 10th Annual Tour de Tanks Event.

For the entire month of March, you will be able to tour 20 wineries and distilleries along the trail and meet the winemakers themselves. You get to sample the wine too and most importantly, some of the wineries on this trail which spans southern Pa and northern Md, will have live music. What better way to cure cabin fever is there? Here is a list of some of the wineries on the trail that will feature live music the entire month of March, links to their music schedules and a partial list of some of the acts that will be playing. Stay warm, and happy sampling.

Hauser Estate Winery – Gettysburg March Live Music Lineup

Jazz Me

Across the Pond – (Celtic)


Strung Tight – (Acoustic, Bluegrass)


Dejon Vineyards – Long Green, Maryland

Red Beard – (Eclectic)

The Gigs – (60’s 70’s British Invasion)

Left of Center

Mambo Combo – (Latin)

Moon Dancer Winery – Wrightsville, PA

Victor Jenks (Acoustic,Rock,Outlaw Newgrass,R&B)

Wild Hymns (Americana, Folk)

Strange Foke (Acoustic)

Chaz Depaolo – (“Hard Rockin Blues Fusion”)

AD Chandler – (Americana)


Get on the Calendar


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