Metal to Mainstream: TRIPOLAR Debuts this Weekend, Here’s a Sneak Peek

Two bands. Refocused and reimagined will debut this Saturday at Stables as Westminster gets its first look at a new Crash Course and TRIPOLAR. The music business is incestuous and these two bands are no exception. Crash Course’s intense, Mohawked, former front man, Adam Crouse parted ways (amicably) from the hardcore metal outfit last year along with drummer Greg Giannetti, to form TRIPOLAR, a distinctively “non hardcore” metal project.


Adam Crouse in metal mode with Crash Course

Mohawk to Mainstream

As Crash Course front man Adam ruled the stage with an iron fist. At first blush it is hard to imagine him in a more mainstream environment so we visited the band at practice just to see where they were going with the music and the vibe. I mean we really didn’t see this metal guy singing the Beach Boys or anything like that.

Good news is; no Beach Boys, but lots of tasty Rock and Roll. We are also happy to report that the intensity and passion he oozed onstage in Crash Course is still there, just refocused into great melodic verses from the Chili Peppers, to the Foo Fighters to U2 and yeah maybe a little Crue too. What is gone is the iconic mohawk, word on the street is that the ladies approve.


First, the name “TRIPOLAR,” I asked what that was all about and Adam says all three band members ( Adam, Greg and Tommy Burick on bass) have district personalities, thus the name Tripolar. He hoped out loud that the name won’t offend anyone who is “bipolar,” because well, it is just a band name.

What to Expect at a TRIPOLAR Show

These guys built a set list for dancing and grooving they tell me. When asked how he felt about this transition from metal to more mainstream rock, Adam says “Hardcore metal is fun. . . I still love to sing [it],” but he wants to play to a more diverse audience. Hardcore fans don’t lament though, we watched TRIPOLAR run through some songs and every one was played with the same brute force as a metal song.

Check out a sneak peek of TRIPOLAR below and come out to see what they have in store this Saturday, 9pm sharp, at Stables.


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