Satisfy Your Kix Fix

They hadn’t released an album in almost two decades, been off the radar since the late 1990’s and hair metal was the butt of jokes for most in 2008. These are the circumstances under which Hagerstown’s beloved Kix – reformed in 2003 – would play at a Midwest rock festival named “Rocklahoma.” Band member Steve Whitman told the Baltimore Sun recently that he wasn’t convinced there was any real interest out there for “forgotten relics of the 80’s hair metal scene,” until Rocklahoma that is. Thousands of fans showed up. Then there was the M3 in 2011 at Merriweather and lots and growing demand for the Hagerstown boys in between.

Fast forward to right now and you will see Kix playing local digs like Rams Head and The Ballroom in Waynesboro but they also do venues like the famous Whiskey A Go Go in L.A. and the popular Monsters of Rock Cruise.

With a new label; Loud and Proud Records, a new album; “Rock Your Face Off,” and a growing string of bookings, this band won’t be going into retirement any time soon. So what’s the appeal? Nostalgia? A Hair metal resurgence? Who knows.

What we do know is that there are plenty of chances to see them in this area this year and our favorite upcoming show is at the Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA (Feb. 27) because The Reagan Years will be opening for them. These two bands represent the two sides of eighties music; the pop, “Breakfast Club” side versus the rock, hair band side. What an awesome combo. Do skinny ties and spandex go together?

More Shows

March 27  – The Empire  (Springfield, VA)

April 18  – Monsters of Rock Cruise (Miami, FL)

May 1st  – M3 Festival (Columbia, MD)

July 9  – Bottle and Cork (Dewey Beach, DE)

July 11  – Moose Park  (Gettysburg, PA)

Sept. 17 – Ocean City Bike Fest (Ocean City, MD)


Watch Kix Live at Rams Head Baltimore




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