From Kiss to Country: Valentine’s Day Live Music Preview

Love is in the air and if you were thinking you should go to some overpriced restaurant for a romantic Valentines this year, think again. Why wait 2 hours to eat a meal put out by exhausted kitchen staff all while more hungry couples wait in line to take your place? Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday this year, so why not mix a little love and live music?

Yes, have some ordinary food and listen to some extraordinary music. Here are some local options:

Slim Jimmy at the Littlestown Eagles – They are full of energy and just plain fun.

Surreal at the Coon Club, Hampstead – The ad says “The Coon Club is for Lovers and Friends” this Valentine’s Day. This event is open to the general public and tickets are $10, party starts at 7pm.  Get there early.

Dean Crawford and the Dunn’s River Band at Parkers White Marsh– Winner of the first Maryland Music Award for best cover band, these guys rock . . . in a country sort of way that is. They will be at Parker’s Restaurant (formerly the Williamsburg Inn) on this special day with a few love ballads we’re sure.

Hectic Red at Stables Westminster – These guys specialize in mind-blowing classic rock anthems, and there is plenty on the menu at Stables to keep every couple satisfied.

If your idea of romance is a little head banging, perhaps you would fancy these two options:

Problem Child at Reisterstown American Legion (#116) – It’s their first time hosting the Legion’s big Valentines Dance and they will have plenty of surprises in store.

Cold Gin Kiss Tribute at Padonia Ale House Timonium – You get dinner and a show for sure with a fully costumed Kiss tribute. Now that’s romantic.

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