What You Missed Last Weekend: A Taste of Big Jack (video)

Here’s What You Missed . . .

You park your car, pay your cover and a sweet girl gives you a green wristband; then a wall of humanity punches you in the gut. Its AC/DC Tribute Big Jack’s christening of Hanover’s new hotspot: Taste of Bourbon, and the energy in the room is palpable, you could slice it with a knife and eat it raw.

On this night, the place was packed, the booths and tables were full but everyone was standing up around them and the rest of the crowd filled the narrow space in between the tables. The dance floor was hot, gritty and irresistible. There were no barriers between band and fans; The band immersed themselves into a sea of headbangers at the front of the stage all night long. Sweat and hair flying everywhere and heading this gritty mayhem was lead singer Francis Crouse. He leads this rebellion with his signature fist-pump and primal scream – all while “Angus” marches the stage faithfully, charging the crowd at will.

That’s when you realize, they aren’t performing for you, they are performing with you, you are the show, you are Big Jack. They get into your bones. These guys make you feel like a million bucks. Were you there? Tell us how you liked it.

Its hard to capture this intensity in a photo, but we had fun trying. Check out the pics if you missed it. Don’t forget the video below.


These pictures are high quality, don’t forget to press the HD button!

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