Band Personnel Moves: Who’s Coming, Who’s Going, Who’s Breaking Up

Change is the only constant in this world and this has been the season of change for your favorite local bands. At least four bands have or are going through some significant changes in the past few weeks, starting with Carbonstone; which shaved its four-piece setup to three after guitarist Neely Johns left the nest. Rumor has it though that their signature, hard-thumping sound remains intact.

Perhaps the most surprising personnel move has been Problem Child guitarist Joe Manger who parted with the band this past October. He was an original member of the band since its founding in the 80’s so his presence will be missed but as luck would have it, the band decided to fill the position not with an “adequate” replacement, but a top-notch one, which you will find in Wade Swanger. He has the chops to blend right in with the guys (and gal) of Problem Child, they encourage all to come out and see for themselves. Catch them at the Coon Club this Saturday night Dec. 6th.

Sometimes musicians have to call it quits to devote more time to their loved ones and this appears to be the case for some members of Mantrum and Tony Bitzel, the bass player for Half Serious. Mantrum will be playing what is likely their final show on New Year’s eve at Stables and that same night will be the end of the road for Bitzel as the Half Serious gang finishes the year at McSherrystown Moose Lodge.

We spoke with Mantrum lead vocalist Terri Caperton Dougherty last month and she is definitely not ready to stop rocking so you will see her around soon as she decides on what her next project will be. As for Half Serious, Bitzel simply cannot be replaced but the show must go on, so they are currently interviewing bass players –who don’t take themselves too seriously of course. If you’re interested in box them on Facebook.


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