Its Time for the Maryland Music Awards. Is Your Favorite Band a Nominee?

13,000 different Maryland music artists were nominated this past summer for the first ever Maryland Music Awards. That’s 13K not 13oo. Why now for a Maryland Music award show? “Maryland need(ed) a good kick in the butt for music” according to John Sheffield, President of Sheffield audio/video Productions and executive producer of this project to elevate Maryland musical artists and acknowledge the plentiful supply of talent this region has.

While it is true that the economy and technology has deeply affected the music industry, the appeal of music, both live and recorded has not waned one bit. The MMA aims to honor that unwavering passion many have for music and to make the point that Maryland has so much to offer in that vain.

65 judges wittled down that 13,000 to the top 5 in about 12 categories, some bloggers in the area are concerned that many popular acts are missing from the list of nominees. Even Van Horn admits his surprise that the very popular band Kix failed to make the cut. You may find the list full of artists you never heard of as well. This may have alot to do with the newness of it all. Making music fans aware of this project for the first time is a gargantuan marketing effort. Here’s to hoping that next year everyone in Maryland will be nominating their favorite acts.

Winners will be announced this coming Tuesday evening December 2nd at Rams Head Live Marketplace in Baltimore. You can see the show live for just $25 ($50 VIP). Purchase tickets here. Proceeds go to the Nicole Van Horn Trust Fund for pediatric cancer. The event will be taped for a 2 hour television special that airs on the Sunday after the Superbowl.

Here are the nominees for some popular categories. What do you think?




Below are videos from some local favorite nominees.

Crack the Sky


 Leather & Lace Stevie Nicks / Fleetwood Mac Tribute


Rob Fahey


3 thoughts on “Its Time for the Maryland Music Awards. Is Your Favorite Band a Nominee?

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