What You Missed Last Weekend: Phase 2 Does Whatever They Want; Dazzles Fans in the Process

Here’s What You Missed . . .

What’s old is what’s new when it comes to Phase 2. The members you will recognize from other area bands in heavy rotation; Surreal (Walt Downey & Will Perdue), Slim Jimmy (Jimmy Hoddinott) and The Drunken Uncles (Carl Hupp) but they have all come together (along with Johnny Blade) to form Phase 2.

Here’s how they explain it: Carl, Walt and Jimmy gigged together with King Friday, which is basically Crack The Sky 2.0. They decided to do their own thing once that was done. Enter Phase 2.

Its “hand-picked” classic rock from the 70’s and 80’s and by “hand-picked,” we mean they play what @!*k they wanna play. They aren’t shy about it either. Luckily for the crowd, what they want to play is some awesome #@*t!

You get all the cool stuff from Crack the Sky, Pink Floyd, Frampton and lots more. They say they aren’t a “dance” band but the floor was full all night. Yes this side project is definitely going places. If you missed them you won’t want to do that twice. In the meantime here are some pics and video to hold you over.

These pictures are high quality, don’t forget to press the HD button!

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