Stanstock Day Two Recap

Stanstock Day Two . . .

Debra is still at the door giving out mandatory, but free hugs to all who enter. She got distracted while we took a pic of her and she sped off to chase down one gentlemen who passed without a hug.

Day two featured a nominee for the Maryland Music Awards and a few local area favs. Leather and Lace Stevie Nicks / Fleetwood Mac Tribute delivered a magical show complete with costume changes. Lead singer Ocie Melanson has the Stevie look and the voice to boot. Great Train Robbery drove the crowd mad, especially when guitarist Will McIntyre played it behind his head. Yeah, that was awesome.

Mantrum, raised the bar early in the afternoon, prompting one onlooker to say “I’m just a little ole country girl, but this band made me wanna rock!” Yeah, Mantrum has a tendency to do that to people. Lead singer Terri Dougherty is a wild woman to say the least. On a sad note, the group says that this may be their last year playing together. The last scheduled Mantrum show is New Year’s Eve at Stables. Be warned.

Hectic Red’s show escapes written description. There are just no words for a quite electrifying presentation of back-to-back classic rock anthems flawlessly performed. You had to be there for that one folks.

In between all of the great Rock and Roll, CCL sat down with Robin Bloomfield, print and broadcast promotions specialist and loyal Stanstock volunteer. She praised her fellow volunteer team, who donned bright lime green shirts and did an excellent job throughout to accommodate festival goers. She also praised local radio station 100.7 The Bay, who has supported the Stanstock idea through and through. She counts them as family, and tells us that this is what Stanstock is all about; Baltimore, music and family.

This is not a concept that Stanstock organizers “forced” into existence. Robin talked about how close knit the Baltimore (Maryland) music family is. By “family” she meant the musicians, the fans and the volunteers who donated their time and effort to support each other asking no quarter (excuse the Zeppelin reference, can’t help ourselves) in return. Much of this effort goes to support the Nicole Van Horn Trust Fund; a charity started in the name of one Baltimore musician’s daughter who lost her battle with cancer years ago.

As we sat down at the table in the midst of Stanstock Day Two, we looked around the hall at the happy crowd as music bounced of the rafters. It was clear; these people really are family, they all came from the same Baltimore, they listened to the same music, they idolized the same bands, they went to HammerJack’s, they knew the words to the same songs. That was enough to make them family.

Those last few precious moments of Stanstock played out just like any family reunion. We won’t describe it here, it is best witnessed with your own eyes; you can see it in the eyes of the people who remember the music of their youth or in the dancing of the younger people who came to Stanstock because they too, love this music.

The night ended with Stan Gibson (the inspiration for Stanstock) surrounded by his extended family as Journey Tribute Band Eclipse – with special guest Faroque Khan – played the last notes of Stanstock 2014. It truly was magical. See for yourself.

Until next year.

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