Video: Hectic Red Does a Fine Blue Oyster Cult

Here’s one for our “Bootleg” video series. Hectic Red’s crisp classic rock covers never cease to amaze. Sample this live clip from Stanstock earlier this month of the band performing “The Reaper.” Have a happy turkey day and if you can still walk after eating all that food, catch Hectic Red on Saturday, November 29th at Rams Head Live, where they will open for Baltimore rock legend Crack the Sky.


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Its Time for the Maryland Music Awards. Is Your Favorite Band a Nominee?

13,000 different Maryland music artists were nominated this past summer for the first ever Maryland Music Awards. That’s 13K not 13oo. Why now for a Maryland Music award show? “Maryland need(ed) a good kick in the butt for music” according to John Sheffield, President of Sheffield audio/video Productions and executive producer of this project to elevate Maryland musical artists and acknowledge the plentiful supply of talent this region has.

While it is true that the economy and technology has deeply affected the music industry, the appeal of music, both live and recorded has not waned one bit. The MMA aims to honor that unwavering passion many have for music and to make the point that Maryland has so much to offer in that vain.

65 judges wittled down that 13,000 to the top 5 in about 12 categories, some bloggers in the area are concerned that many popular acts are missing from the list of nominees. Even Van Horn admits his surprise that the very popular band Kix failed to make the cut. You may find the list full of artists you never heard of as well. This may have alot to do with the newness of it all. Making music fans aware of this project for the first time is a gargantuan marketing effort. Here’s to hoping that next year everyone in Maryland will be nominating their favorite acts.

Winners will be announced this coming Tuesday evening December 2nd at Rams Head Live Marketplace in Baltimore. You can see the show live for just $25 ($50 VIP). Purchase tickets here. Proceeds go to the Nicole Van Horn Trust Fund for pediatric cancer. The event will be taped for a 2 hour television special that airs on the Sunday after the Superbowl.

Here are the nominees for some popular categories. What do you think?




Below are videos from some local favorite nominees.

Crack the Sky


 Leather & Lace Stevie Nicks / Fleetwood Mac Tribute


Rob Fahey


What You Missed Last Weekend: Pre-Holiday Jamming with Half Serious and Guests

Here’s What You Missed . . .

Blue-tinged smoke is dancing across the edge of the stage and the thumping of the drums sounds like a slow heartbeat. A sea of people have swelled the dance floor at Stables and two figures are right there at the edge of stage hunched over their instruments like surgeons cutting away at a patient.

Its John Christ with Half Serious‘s Steve Reed doing their signature deep cut: Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb”. Hell even the lead singer thinks this is cool as he takes a quick selfie right up on stage. No it does not get better than this. This double guitar solo is raw, unrehearsed, just two masters who converse with each other through their instruments. The crowd went wild for this one. Missed it? We’ve got the video and some pics of the band and the crowd enjoying a great night right here in HD.


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Live music calendar

Live music calendar




What You Missed Last Weekend: Gringo Jingo Does Horseshoe and Tally Ho

Here’s What You Missed . . .

Last weekend you missed a lot of great live shows; CORE packed the house at Stables on Saturday and Army of Dogs brought on special guest 16 yr old metal goddess Lauren Hill. She plays a ripping guitar and believes “Playing badass music is always a great way to escape the stresses of life.”  If you’ve never seen her, you will want to put that on your bucket list.

While those guys kept you busy in the local area, a few other local musicians you enjoy were blazing a trail from Baltimore to Leesburg, Va. That’s right, Gringo Jingo Santana Tribute band hit the road last week stopping first to christen the stage at the new Horseshoe Casino in Baltimore on Wednesday night and for an epic show at the Tally Ho Theatre in Leesburg on Friday. Continue reading

What You Missed Last Weekend: Phase 2 Does Whatever They Want; Dazzles Fans in the Process

Here’s What You Missed . . .

What’s old is what’s new when it comes to Phase 2. The members you will recognize from other area bands in heavy rotation; Surreal (Walt Downey & Will Perdue), Slim Jimmy (Jimmy Hoddinott) and The Drunken Uncles (Carl Hupp) but they have all come together (along with Johnny Blade) to form Phase 2.

Here’s how they explain it: Carl, Walt and Jimmy gigged together with King Friday, which is basically Crack The Sky 2.0. They decided to do their own thing once that was done. Enter Phase 2.

Its “hand-picked” classic rock from the 70’s and 80’s and by “hand-picked,” we mean they play what @!*k they wanna play. They aren’t shy about it either. Luckily for the crowd, what they want to play is some awesome #@*t!

You get all the cool stuff from Crack the Sky, Pink Floyd, Frampton and lots more. They say they aren’t a “dance” band but the floor was full all night. Yes this side project is definitely going places. If you missed them you won’t want to do that twice. In the meantime here are some pics and video to hold you over.


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Live music calendar




Stanstock Day One Recap: Hugging It Out

It all starts with a hug. Yes, if you came to the 2nd annual Stanstock Music Festival this year, you would understand.  As you walk through the double doors of the Timonium Fairgrounds Exhibition Hall, after you’ve collected your ticket and gotten your hand stamped by Barbara, there is Debra; just barely five feet, long flowing hair, ruby red lips and one job; to hug every man woman and child that enters the hall. It’s a little confusing at first, perhaps awkward for some, but just a few seconds in her arms makes you realize, you are home.

Seventeen bands took the stage at Stanstock on this first day and the music was nonstop; no intermissions. As the last note was played on one stage, the show began on the second. While every performer played for free, these guys left it all on the stage with fantastic performances.

Many of the acts provided a heavy dose of classic rock anthems with mind-boggling guitar solos, all within just a 40 minute set. Take the lead guitarist Rick Olaguer from the Rat Pack; his guitar solos were so trippy, that at the end of one the crowd was visibly stunned. One gentlemen just stood at the railing with his mouth open, speechless. Exasperated, he just blew a kiss to the stage. “No words man, no words.”

Zeppelin was well represented this first day. We count at least four bands covering everything from Stairway to Heaven (Patty Reese) to When the Levee Breaks (Never Never, ver. 1.1). If you are a Zeppelin fan, this festival was for you.

Despite the Zeppelin homages, this first day was chock full of variety – performed with the kind of heartfelt energy you can only find at any live concert that took place before cell phones were invented. That is not to say that there were not any contemporary acts at Stanstock; Rosabella’s alternative rock was young, fresh, and raw, but with the same authenticity of its predecessors. That means no polish, no tracks, no electronic embellishments, just bass, drums, guitars and raw emotion.

Tommy Vann and his band represented the magical music of the 50’s and early 60’s and gave one classy, heartfelt performance. Jam Sandwich really lived up to their name with one epic jam after another, and Spike Settles of Never Never delivered a genius cover of the Woodstock anthem by Crosby, Stills and Nash as his opener, substituting the word “Woodstock” with “Stanstock.” Hats off to you Spike.


There were no bad acts at Stanstock Day One (or Day Two), instead there are just too many to mention. That’s why we took pics and video. If you could not be there this year or if you did come, visit our Stanstock pages for the photos and video of this historic Baltimore event. Here is what happened on Day Two.

If you did come to Stanstock, tell us what you thought. Stanstock organizers want to know!

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Stanstock Day Two Recap

Stanstock Day Two . . .

Debra is still at the door giving out mandatory, but free hugs to all who enter. She got distracted while we took a pic of her and she sped off to chase down one gentlemen who passed without a hug.

Day two featured a nominee for the Maryland Music Awards and a few local area favs. Leather and Lace Stevie Nicks / Fleetwood Mac Tribute delivered a magical show complete with costume changes. Lead singer Ocie Melanson has the Stevie look and the voice to boot. Great Train Robbery drove the crowd mad, especially when guitarist Will McIntyre played it behind his head. Yeah, that was awesome.

Mantrum, raised the bar early in the afternoon, prompting one onlooker to say “I’m just a little ole country girl, but this band made me wanna rock!” Yeah, Mantrum has a tendency to do that to people. Lead singer Terri Dougherty is a wild woman to say the least. On a sad note, the group says that this may be their last year playing together. The last scheduled Mantrum show is New Year’s Eve at Stables. Be warned.

Hectic Red’s show escapes written description. There are just no words for a quite electrifying presentation of back-to-back classic rock anthems flawlessly performed. You had to be there for that one folks.

In between all of the great Rock and Roll, CCL sat down with Robin Bloomfield, print and broadcast promotions specialist and loyal Stanstock volunteer. She praised her fellow volunteer team, who donned bright lime green shirts and did an excellent job throughout to accommodate festival goers. She also praised local radio station 100.7 The Bay, who has supported the Stanstock idea through and through. She counts them as family, and tells us that this is what Stanstock is all about; Baltimore, music and family.

This is not a concept that Stanstock organizers “forced” into existence. Robin talked about how close knit the Baltimore (Maryland) music family is. By “family” she meant the musicians, the fans and the volunteers who donated their time and effort to support each other asking no quarter (excuse the Zeppelin reference, can’t help ourselves) in return. Much of this effort goes to support the Nicole Van Horn Trust Fund; a charity started in the name of one Baltimore musician’s daughter who lost her battle with cancer years ago.

As we sat down at the table in the midst of Stanstock Day Two, we looked around the hall at the happy crowd as music bounced of the rafters. It was clear; these people really are family, they all came from the same Baltimore, they listened to the same music, they idolized the same bands, they went to HammerJack’s, they knew the words to the same songs. That was enough to make them family.

Those last few precious moments of Stanstock played out just like any family reunion. We won’t describe it here, it is best witnessed with your own eyes; you can see it in the eyes of the people who remember the music of their youth or in the dancing of the younger people who came to Stanstock because they too, love this music.

The night ended with Stan Gibson (the inspiration for Stanstock) surrounded by his extended family as Journey Tribute Band Eclipse – with special guest Faroque Khan – played the last notes of Stanstock 2014. It truly was magical. See for yourself.

Until next year.

Go to CCL’s Stanstock Page

What You Missed Last Weekend – 2 Days of Killer Music at Stanstock Music Festival

Here’s What You Missed . . .

This one is a doozy. You missed the Stanstock Music Festival. 30 bands, lots of fun and some really awesome music. We won’t bore you with the details, ok that’s a lie. We covered both days of Stanstock , so lots of details, pictures and video coming really soon. It will be anything but boring.

There will be a Stanstock page on and you won’t want to miss Stanstock in HD. Here’s a little something to whet your appetite. Continue reading