The Foo Fighters Announce Surprise Show in D.C. Friday

The Foo Fighters consider themselves a” D.C. band,” at least that’s what Dave Grohl told one Washington Post blogger. They have been in the area lately filming a D.C. episode of their new “Sonic Highways” rockumentary that premiered on HBO this past Friday.

This coming Friday, the D.C. episode will premiere and at the last minute this national band announced a surprise show at local D.C. live music venue Black Cat. The show precedes an upcoming album and focuses on the local music scene in various cities. The D.C. episode is reported to focus on the unique D.C. Go-Go and eighties punk scene. They even started a rumor that a go-go project could be in the works. Who knew?

Considering that the Foo Fighters could probably fill up the stadium only a few miles away from the Black Cat and charge a hell of a lot more money for tickets, catching them in this intimate show in the nation’s capital could be worth the trip for you die-hard fans. Then again, if you were a die-hard fan; you would already be in line now.


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