Women Rockers Rule the Pink Houses Music Fest 2014

Here’s What You Missed . . .

What an excellent idea to raise money for breast cancer. Get all the female fronted bands together for one weekend of great live music in Gettysburg. Thats what happened last weekend at the annual Pink Houses Music Festival.

A whole host of Bars and restaurants in the Gettysburg area hosted live music from regional bands to suit almost every taste; blues bands, folk, acoustic, rock, country and more.

The festival is organized by Pink Journey of Lights, a nonproft raising funds for several breast cancer charities in Adams County, Pa.

This year over 25 bands donated their time for breast cancer awareness to perform in at least six venues in the area. If you missed it, you can always donate. In the meantime meet three lovely lady rockers who performed on Friday night at Zippers.


These pictures are high quality, don’t forget to press the HD button!

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Live music calendar

Live music calendar




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