Stanstock Music Festival 2014 Will Hit the “Perfect Note”

How many of you have had this enraging conversation with a person younger than yourself?

You: Can’t wait to go see – Insert name of your favorite classic rock band here– tomorrow night.

Them: Who is –your Favorite Classic Rock Band ???

You: Seriously???? They are only the biggest band of all time.

Them: Never heard of em.

You: Come on. They were at Woodstock.

And then comes the mortal death blow .  .  .

Them: What’s Woodstock??

You (In your head): I can literally smell my flesh decaying right now. Continue reading

10 Things to Know About This Weekend’s Stanstock Music Festival

What You Need to Know about Stanstock

It is the music festival of the year for Maryland-based bands from 70’s, 80’s 90’s and beyond. Billed as the ultimate musical family reunion, this festival was a smashing success last year so it moved to the a larger venue on the Timonium Fairgrounds. You can find more background on the festival here.

When Is It?

Saturday & Sunday November 1st and 2nd.

Bands play from noon to midnight on Sat. and noon to 8pm on Sunday.

How Much? Continue reading

Notes from a Sold Out Show: Carey Ziegler’s Expensive Hobby

Carey Ziegler's Expensive Hobby

It begins with a single wooden chair. Swirling in the air. Up and down, sideways, spinning swinging to and fro, bouncing about as the alternating grip of one giddy man’s hands make for a bizarre man-chair tango on the dance floor of Stables. (scroll down for photos and video)

This middle-aged, jovial patron despite his antics on the dance floor, was just as sane and (relatively) sober as most of the crowd last Saturday night. He, like everyone on there had just paid at least $15 to see a Baltimore music legend; Cary Ziegler and his band Expensive Hobby (CZEH)- and the show was just five minutes away. Continue reading