Meet the Band: Liquid Lucky

Itching to try something new on the weekends? Tired of the same old same old? Meet the Band is our regular series introducing local bands who play in the area. Get to know your local live music options.

What Kind of Music do You Play?

Liquid Lucky is a four piece rock band.  We play a mixture of originals and covers.  Anything from ACDC and the Cult to Tom Petty and Brian Adams, but it will be done Liquid Lucky style!

Crowds Go Wild When We Sing . . .

We have an original song called “Live In The Is,”  and we do a really high energy version of “Folsom Prison Blues” by Johnny Cash.

Anything New on the Set List?

We are always writing new songs and looking for that cover song that we can make our own.

We Regularly Play at these Local Venues . . .

We’ve played Ramshead a number of times. We have played Bike Week in Ocean City.  We play Belisimos several times a year and   we’re always looking for new places to play.

Where Can Music Lovers Learn More about You?


Live music calendar

Live music calendar

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