Music Mud and Mayhem: Toops 2014

Here’s What You Missed . . .

Driving onto the farm for the annual Toops Troops pig roast was no easy task. The ground was rain soaked and even suv’s where getting stuck in the mud. By the early afternoon, volunteers were separating the rear wheel and front wheel drive vehicles for different parking areas, but this would prove useless in the end.

The mud would definitely be the headliner this year for Toops. If you didn’t go this year, you might be thinking “thank goodness I stayed home, it was a muddy mess.” You would be wrong.

As you walk up the driveway and slog through the mud, a donated American Flag big enough to hide a tractor trailer under hung from a crane and as the rain beats lightly on your head, you realize that you are sinking in the mud. But after the initial shock and awe of the flag and the soggy ground, you realize there’s music playing, and all the people you came to hangout with are right there, next to you, smiling and welcoming you covered in mud. Its only then that you remember, that’s why you came anyway; the music and the people.

There is something about be covered in mud that is. . . well, “liberating.” Maybe its because it reminds you of when you were a little kid, maybe its because we all look the same covered in it, or maybe it was just the moonshine; whatever the reason, the mud was the life of the party. We did the wobble in it, wrestled in it, threw it, landed a drone it. We have the pictures to prove it.

So if you missed Toops 2014, you missed the coolest bunch of people who had way more fun than anyone could have on dry land. Half Serious sent the women of Toops into a frenzy with an extra long set of killer rock. They liked it so much they bum rushed the stage. Imagine the fun and mud and water everywhere. We have those pics too.

Smokin Gunnz lit up the place as the sun went down and the mud thickened. There is something about watching a friendly girl mud wrestling match in the middle of BlackFoots’s “Train, Train” . It seems low brow when you think about it, but it’s a guilty pleasure everyone should see at least once. Put that on your bucket list folks.

Big Jack owned the night as their show made you forget about the wind, rain and the mud. They pulled out all the stops for this Toops show, and ah well . . . bared all. So yes, Toops 2014 was worth the muddy shoes.

Each year this event – the legacy of one man who died honoring this nation’s veterans, grows in size. It may be getting too big for the farm, but that just shows how powerful one act of charity can have on so many. Toops is a testament to what the Carroll County area is all about: Charity, hard work and good clean muddy fun.

Have a look at the people of Toops below and if you were there, tell us how you fared in the middle of the music, mud and mayhem that was Toops 2014.

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