Festivals: The Best Way to Sample Local Wine and Music

Wine comes in many varieties (varietals they call it) and wine festivals let us sample the many versions of vino; sweet, dry, earthy and rich – our local wineries have to offer. However, wine festivals can be a great way to sample more than just the grapes. Live music is a key  component  to most wine festivals. No one wants to drink wine in silence – we can do that at home. That’s why these events take their live music seriously. Wine festival season gives us a chance to pair good wine with good music.

The key to wine festival music is indeed the variety, and that is what you will get at most wine festivals in the area. It’s a great way to sample bands and acts that perform regularly in the region but you may have missed in your weekend outings. Let’s be frank, we all get used to our favorite spots for live music and we all have our favorite bands that regularly play at the places we frequent.

Just like its good to try new wines once in awhile, instead of sticking to our reliable favorites; its also a good idea to use wine festivals as your chance to sample some good bands you may have never heard of. The wine helps too.

In addition to the popular classic rock riffs of Wylde Fire and Foreplay, Maryland Wine Fest goers get treated to the funk-disco sound of the Uncle Jack Band, and the original reggae tunes of Jah Works. Last year’s lineup included acoustic pop from Middle Sister and crisp rockabilly from the The Hep Cats; a southern Pa ensemble.

Looking for old jazz and blues standards? Try Detour wineries summer concert series. This mini wine festival serves up Kerensa Gray. A sultry songtress reminiscent of Etta James. If horn heavy funk and soul is your thing, head over to the Uncorked Wine Festival in Rockville, for the 8 Ohms Band.

Of course, this is just a sampling, visit the festivals’ websites for full lineups or catch the festival previews here on CCLive.

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