What You Missed Last Weekend: No “Warning” for Surreal at Stables

Here’s What You Missed . . .

Some bands should come with a warning label. You know, like on an amusement park ride, something that says; “hang on, this roller coaster makes sharp turns.”

Stables was a full house last Saturday when Surreal took the stage, and for a couple of songs the band let everyone enjoy their mixed drinks, token conversations and finish up the last few buffalo wings on their plates.

Bass guitarist Will Perdue was nestled nicely on the side of the stage next to a towering speaker. He stood and strummed on his instrument serenely smiling out into the crowd.

But there was something ominous about that smile. Like he knew something you didn’t.

Lead singer Walt Downey and lead guitarist Brian Tragesar
churned out impeccable covers of Zeppelin, Journey and more; both, while tossing back a headful of long locks.

Any seeing “Surreal” for the first time would be pleased to see a solid cover band. That’s when Will made his move.

In one second he went from 1 to 100 as he burst out of his corner and gave a headbanging performance like no other. This guy was all over the stage, killing it song after song.  Will is a real rocket.

The covers are tight and Will is a roller coaster off the rails. So, if you haven’t seen Surreal yet, here is your warning; prepare to be rocked.

If you would like a more interactive Surreal experience join the band later this month on Aug. 21st for an opportunity to Chop off Walt Downey’s long mane of hair for charity.

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