WYM: Half Serious Rocks a Real “BarnBurner”

Here’s What You Missed . . .

Barnburner definition: “An extremely impressive event or successful outcome.”

And that it was. Half Serious made the trek up to Mummasburg, Pa for an private annual pig roast event. Set on a farm inside a massive barn, this shindig is always good clean fun, with great food, awesome people and even better moonshine. Did I say moonshine? I meant wine coolers. Yeh, lots of great tasting wine coolers.

They rocked that big red barn until the wee hours. You know its gonna be fun when the drummer is set up on a flatbed, and the band kicked up alot of dirt to be sure.

More than likely, you missed this one but don’t worry, there’s lots more on the schedule. Half Serious will be kicking up more metaphorical dirt in Westminster this Sunday afternoon (4pm-8pm) at Rafeal’s deck party. Think barnburner without the dirt, the barn or the flatbed; but no less fun! Check out the pics.

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One thought on “WYM: Half Serious Rocks a Real “BarnBurner”

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