Looking for Live Music on a Party Deck? This Place is For You

Its that cool place right on Main Street with the picture window. If you happen to be walking by, press your head against the window glass you’ll likely see some regulars at the bar, a few couples nestled in one of the booths, perhaps some local college kids at the high top tables adjacent to the bar and on weekend nights; an acoustic band tucked in the corner. If you walk in, you’ll notice a handsome wooden bar, wooden-back bar stools and a cozy tavern ambiance. The bartenders seem to recognize you even if you’ve never been there, and time usually passes away long before you realize it. You’re at Rafael’s in Westminster.

Its trendy and cozy at the same time. If you have ever been there, you probably agree. But summer in Westminster brings us a whole different side to Rafael’s; the deck parties. Yes, behind the cozy soothing veneer that is the front of the house, Rafael’s opens up in the back to a tremendous, elevated wood deck complete with a backside bar, and on the first Sunday of the summer months it’s a full on party!

It’s a popular event and live music is the main attraction. You can relax in the sun or the shade and party on the concrete dance floor, up close and personal with the band. It feels like a house party that you and your friends might have crashed in school, except bigger and with better drinks and music.

If you’re looking for good, clean outdoor fun and great live music during the early hours (deck parties are 4pm-8pm) in the area, put a Rafael’s deck party on your must-do list. There are only two left this season: Half Serious on August 3rd and Number One Cause on September 7th.

One thought on “Looking for Live Music on a Party Deck? This Place is For You

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