WYM: Serious Fun and Celebrity Guests at Stables

Here’s What You Missed . . .

Last Friday night started out just like any other Friday night at Westminster live music hotspot Stables, but once the lights went down and Half Serious started its debut appearance at the venue, things got, well . . . unpredictable.

This was no run of the mill crowd at Stables, this night it was full of local and even national talent, many of whom would end up on the stage with Half Serious before the night was over. It was a who’s who from past and present that joined the band for three sets of unplanned, unscripted mayhem.

Local bassist Eric Dee started the night off by joining the band for three original songs recorded by the Serious Jokers; Half Serious’ previous name when it played and recorded music in the 80’s. Eric’s guest appearance made it an unofficial Serious Joker reunion. He currently plays with up and coming local alternative metal band Carbonstone; we review the band’s latest CD here.

A parade of live music all-stars followed the Serious Joker interlude. Francis Crouse of popular AC/DC tribute band Big Jack hit the stage for a crowd pleasing rendition of “You Shook Me” and “Dirty Deeds”, and Dennis Jones of local Van Halen Tribute, Everybody Wants Some, took over for a little, you guessed it; Van Halen.

Just when you though it couldn’t get any better, it did. John Christ; local guitar legend (he’s originally from Catonsville) who built a national career in the 80’s with Danzig sat in with the band. Christ dazzled as always with “Little Wing”, “Sweet Emotion” and a Danzig classic; “Mother”. The crowd went wild.

There were even more cameos on stage and a host of musicians in the audience who never made it to the stage by closing time. When it rains it pours, and last Friday at Stables it was a deluge. It was not a night to be missed, but if you did, all we can offer you are these pics below.

Half Serious plays next at Red Eyes Dock Bar just across the Bay Bridge in Kent Narrows on Friday, July 25th.

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4 thoughts on “WYM: Serious Fun and Celebrity Guests at Stables

  1. Hey, rather than telling us what we missed, why not preview upcoming events? That would actually be helpful.

  2. Thanks Brad for input, we love input, always want to know how wer’e doing and what your’e thinking. We do try to preview upcoming events whenever we can. So far, we have done that for the Americana Music Festival in Westminster, Carbonstone’s CD release party, the August Blues Festival and many more. As for regular weekend shows, our calendar is the best preview out there for local area. You can find ithe link always at the top of the page here and at CarrollCountyLive.com. Now we know what you want more of, so you bet we will do our best to give you more of what you want. Thanks!


    • Thanks. I was only seeing your blog posts on Feedly. Website has more of what I’m looking for.

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