Five Things You Didn’t Know About the Maryland Music Awards

July 21, 2014

It’s the first of its kind in Maryland; an ambitious attempt to survey and recognize the musical talent in this sea of over 5 million people. The Maryland Music Awards has already received thousands of nominations for the state’s best musical acts in various categories, they will anoint a winner at the end of this year. Here are five things you may not know about this first ever event.

Its Actually a Charity Event

Although the officials at the MMA say their aim is to recognize all of the musical talent in the Maryland music community, the official mission of the event is to raise money for children battling cancer. Proceeds from the event will go to the NVH trust fund, which stands for Nicole Van Horn – a terminally ill cancer patient who died at the age of 14 in 1997. According to the NVH website, this 501c3 organization donates 100% of the funds it raises to Johns Hopkins pediatric oncology patients in her memory.

What Qualifies as a “Maryland” Act May Surprise You

Not every band member or even most members of an act need to be from Maryland. According to MMA rules, what qualifies as a “Maryland” act is a band with at least one member who has resided in Maryland or an act formed in Maryland –not necessarily by Maryland residents- will qualify as well.

Fans Don’t Actually Pick the Final Winners

While the MMA has a huge interactive voting component, fans will not make the ultimate choice of who wins the first MMA awards, but fan support will surely make a great difference. A large panel of industry professionals will actually pick from up to 5 finalists in each category. Fan nominations determine who these finalists will be. The level of fan support will certainly be a factor in the final judging, but MMA officials want to preserve the delicate balance between loyal fan support and “good music …from a professional act.”

There are More Categories Than You Think

There are 12 categories to be exact. Here they are:


Rock          Jazz         Country         Gospel Act        R&B/Hip Hop

Break-out Artist      Performing DJ       Songwriter       

Live Performer       Cover Band

Awards will also be given for “Maryland Music Icon” and “Largest Contributor” to Maryland Music


This is Not Just an Online Event You Can Watch the Event Live

You may have seen the online appeals to nominate your favorite band on Facebook and elsewhere on the Internet, but the MMA is a real event. MMA officials tell CarrollCountyLive that the voting and nomination and selection process will culminate in a “Grammy-style” live show to be held at Rams Head Live in Baltimore on December 2nd of this year.

Tickets aren’t on sale yet but they will be starting in September. Keep check at The two-hour live show will feature live performances by some great local bands, but MMA organizers are keeping that hush hush for now. Can’t make the live show? it will be edited down to one hour for broadcast on the local Fox Baltimore station and is scheduled to be aired on the Sunday morning the week after the 2015 Superbowl.

Check out Kill Betty’s entry video for the MMA’s, it’s a great peak into the secret lives of musicians. Watch more entry videos in different categories on the MMA website.

KILL BETTY’s Entry to the MMA

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