Rock and Roll Royalty Headline Westminster Music Festival this Weekend

Two legendary musicians; one a guitarist and the other a master of the electric bass will be headlining this year’s Common Ground on the Hill Music Festival in Westminster this year – Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady. Who? Never heard of them? Doesn’t ring a bell? Think harder, and if you’re under 30, go ask mom and dad.

These guys are “legendary” Rock and Roll Hall of Famers. They created the iconic San Francisco sound of the sixties and seventies when they left their family home in Washington D.C. and formed Jefferson Airplane. Sound familiar now?

Yes, Jorma and Jack were music savants since grade school and even though they pioneered that groovy electric sound of Jefferson Airplane, that was just “work” to them. It paid the bills, but their true love was the American roots music that Common Ground celebrates with this annual showcase of Americana music. Jack and Jorma actually formed Hot Tuna while they were in Jefferson Airplane just in case you thought this was a post career vanity project.

For those of you who know Jack and Jorma very well you’ll want to know that Hot Tuna is on tour this year and they toggle between acoustic and electric versions of their show. They have recently added a high resolution (better than CD quality) live concert recordings available on

If you would like a bit of the old and the new Hot Tuna, sample the two videos below. The old is from a 1988 Jefferson Airplane – Hot Tuna reunion live on stage at the Fillmore in San Francisco. The recent video shows the two at the Canton Blues Festival in 2010 with Ana Popovic. Catch Hot Tuna live on stage in Westminster at the Carroll County Farm Museum on July 12, headlining the Common Ground Roots Music Festival. See you there!

 Hot Tuna / Jefferson Reunion 88’ at the Fillmore


Hot Tuna at the Canton Blues Fest 2010 (with Ana Popovic)

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